Eily’s starting point is foraging around beaches, forests and any areas of natural interest around the Countryside and wherever Eily travels to find materials that she can combine and cast into gold and silver to make beautifully detailed
jewellery with gemstone and enamel accents.

All work crafted sourcing the finest
materials in her studio in Bristol where she recently moved to.

The work in this shop is a diffusion from her one of a kind statement pieces the 'Hybrids'. The organic essence and reverence for nature is still evident but the pieces take on a more ready to wear approach. 

Please contact Eily to discuss commissions and bespoke work or just to say hi!


All work is made from recycled silver. There is enough silver in circulation in the world to cover Australia 5 times! (Just kidding did you believe me?) But yes, there is a lot and no need to mine anymore. It gets melted down to the same purity and is earth friendly so good news for everyone. 

All work will be posted by registered post in recycled black padded envelope for extra and stylist security with a conscience.

Every recycled box contains a little information leaflet, printed on recycled paper.


Scrub any dirt from jewellery with a very soft toothbrush and a little soapy water.

Put perfume and make up on before putting your jewellery on as the chemicals can discolour the silver.

Ignore any jealous looks whilst wearing your jewellery.